Our Approach

You only live once, or so they say.  We want to make sure that you live it filled with experiences like no other.  That is why we call our adventures, Infused Experiences.  At our events we approach each event design with the motto of "we don't sell tickets, we bring experiences." We want our guests to feel welcomed, safe, secure and filled with fun in a relaxed, drama free atmosphere.

Offline Connections

Though the internet is an essential tool in most business, we see online as a tool to connect and build relationships offline.  We use email, chat and standard communication tools, but we want to do our best to meet offline and build the connection with all our collaborators, volunteers, crew, workers and guests!

Meet the Team


Shayla Steffens

Executive Assistant to CEO and Model


Ana Izquierdo

Owner, CEO and Executive Producer

With over 5 years experience in event design, specializing in Cannabis Fusion Events, Ana Izquierdo is the creative mind behind history making and inclusivity focused events like CannaCatwalk, Leafy Ladies Drag Race and community focused event, CannaFeed The Community.


Mii Mii

Talent Acquisition and Entertainment Scout

Next Steps...

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